Getting back on our feet with “Spend it Forward”

In times of crisis, Kreuzberg comes together.

Die Fabrik has been delighted to add our backing to, and also benefit from, Spend it Forward markets, a new and positive way to make it easier for local people to support other locals in our neighbourhoods, communities, and businesses.

Why? Yup, Corona.

Covid-19 has impacted upon every one of us. The deaths are a continuing and relentless tragedy and, for those of us who have so far been lucky enough to avoid the virus, life has still been spun through 180° and, in many cases, trodden in to the summer dust.

At a state and at a federal level, the Berlin/German response has helped the vast majority of people but for others – the small time doers and makers, and community groups – support has been patchier.

That’s why Die Fabrik was proud to host the 1st-edition of “Spend it Forward” on 27th July.

Flying under the flag of “shop good – do good – feel good”, these are great opportunities to bring people together and present a kinder, much needed, and more sustainable way of trading things that have, y’know, real value.

Fun fact;

Did you know that, outside supermarkets, Kreuzberg does not have a single chain store in the entire borough? Moreover, we are fiercely proud of that.

Why would they even bother opening here? Even in normal times, we don’t by Chinese-made stuff we don’t need from people we don’t know in order to impress other people who we don’t even like!

If that sounds a bit anti-capitalist, just look at the vast amount of identikit cities around the world which are lying with their throats cut because admin staff are no longer spending their wages on expensive flat-whites. There is much talk of the New Normal – mate, we’ve been doing this since the bullets stop flying.

That’s what makes Kreuzberg so unique. We have always done things differently and always looked to each other in times of crisis or particular need. Whether it’s a rent party, preventing an unfair eviction, a flea market, or an initiative like “Spend it Forward”, Kreuzbergers can always count on each other’s support.

We’re fighting hard to keep it that way.


Here’s a video-presentation with more about “Spend it Forward”. Learn more about the thinking and the people behind this invaluable movement.



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