Co-Working at Die Fabrik

Covid-Working space at Die Fabrik Hostel Hotel in Berlin-Kreuzberg

Co-Working (noun);

Definition; escaping your frustrating WG-mates for a few hours so that you can polish your plans for world domination.

The Corona-Crisis is here, and it is here to stay. There’s a lot that we don’t know about the virus, especially the effects it has beyond the catastrophic infection of the lungs, and the emerging signs that might be taking a wrecking-ball to other major organs. Understandably, the mightiest medics are often coming to different conclusions.

One symptom we can all agree about is the fact that it is really, really pissing us off. Many of us are stuck at home, condemned to suffering endless hours of our WG-mates’ increasingly irritating habits.

At Die Fabrik, we understand the need for a pathway out of this unique circle of hell.

Some resort to violence (we do not recommend this), and some, like our colleague Andy Leipner, are throwing their energies in to subime, deep-fried techno in the shape of Digital440. This, we do recommend. And, before we finally get to the point of this blog post – Co-Working at Die Fabrik -, let’s all get an earful of Andy’s latest output, the very timely “Covid19”.

Co-Working at Die Fabrik

Better? Yes, we thought so!

Gagu is not alone in rechannelling his energies. We all are. And that is why we have hit the temporary reset-button in how we use our space in our hotel.

For the foreseeable future, we are making it easy for local thinkers, doers, and makers to use dedicated areas as a well-equipped, safety-conscious, and affordable co-working hub. Just need some breathing space or really have to crank out those plans to be Zuckie 2,0? We’ve got your back at Die Fabrik.

As well as discrete desk-space, we are offering all the essentials you need to escape to a parallel universe of productivity.

  • Free drinks
  • Secure W-Lan
  • Printers & Scanners
  • And, for vintage freaks, even a Fax!

Prices start at a fiver per hour (min. four hours) and we are open from early till late. Interested? Hit us up here, mail us at, or call us on 030 6117116.


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